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World over, high quality government funded public education systems are a proven bedrock for societal progress.  In India, the scale of the demand poses a challenge for most governments across the country.  Tranquil Charitable Foundation (TCF) was founded to try and bring an innovative approach to address this challenge.  Our mission is to develop a scalable and sustainable solution to improving educational outcomes for students and alumni of publicly funded government schools through active local community participation.

Gubbalala Higher Primary School (GHPS – Bangalore South) is a typical kannada medium government school that faces the regular challenges of infrastructure, student-teacher ratio and other challenges. GHPS was formally adopted by Tranquil Charitable Foundation (TCF) through an MoU signed with the Karnataka Dept of Education, to adopt the school under the “Shale Dattu Yojana” scheme in Jan 2011.

Over the past years, TCF has partnered with the school in various ways including infrastructure support (water supply, bathroom facilities, additional lighting, etc.), student support (uniforms, stationery, medical checkups, etc.), teaching & academic support (additional teacher-aides hiring & funding, sponsorship for participation in external exams, etc.) including direct academic intervention through volunteers from our apartment complex.  In recent years, we have expanded our partnership to include support for all the alumni of GHPS in pursuit of their academic desires in high school and beyond.

As we go past the TENTH anniversary of the establishment of Tranquil Charitable Foundation (TCF) and our work with GHPS, we decided to take a look back on the journey to-date and reflect on where we’ve come since that first step.  In this short Youtube linked video, you will see some highlights from our initial days, all the way to today as we continue to work hard at our mission of “develop a scalable and sustainable solution to improving educational outcomes for students and alumni of publicly funded government schools through active local community participation”

Over the last ten years, we have come a long way…and we are eternally grateful to all of you – our patrons – who have walked every step of the way with us, encouraging and motivating us on this journey.  Our accomplishments are your successes.  Our volunteers, our teachers and most importantly our students are the real heroes of the TCF journey and we, the trustees, wish to salute and thank them for these accomplishments.

Our Recent Activities

Student Achievements

TCF has a vision to encourage and support all round development of students of GHPS. Current and Alumni students are encouraged to participate in various competitions and sports activities, apart…
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AY 2023-2024

General Activities

March 2024  End Of Year Photos – As the academic year AY 2023-24 comes to a close, TCF organized a session to capture each class , school and teacher’s photos.…
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AY 2023-2024

Pratibha Karanji

In continuation with TCF’s efforts for all round development of students at GHPS (Gubbalala Higher Primary School), there was wide participation by the students of different classes in the annual…
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AY 2023-2024

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes As part of extra curricular activities, a trained expert Yoga teacher (Ramesh Mahadev) has been engaged to teach yoga to students of class 6-7 once a week. Below…
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AY 2023-2024